Paths Across

Crosspaths - Art Wall

Paths Across Original painting

One of my abstract paintings of year 2014 – Black and white. Acrylic on canvas.


Underwater Dream

Underwater Project2

I enjoyed making this photo manipulation project today, which can be applied on any photo, by being placed in the middle of these effects and layers. The hard part was the cropping of the original image because its background was dark and there was many objects with texture made the selection tool useless. Anyway I didn’t aim to make this perfect since I don’t have many figure images that can fit to this style of “photo art” so I had to make a personal portrait by myself and use it to make this project. I guess it was worth it trying.

Self Portrait

NatureWhisper_3637 IMG_3665



I made this self portrait photos while working on a abstract painting this morning. I wanted these photos to look realistic and show exactly how it is like when I am working on my art works and the rest of the projects.

Thank you all for your feedback and support!